Full Roster

The Lower Macungie Fire Department proudly protects 35,000 people living in an area of 24 square miles. We operate out of 3 stations that serve the Borough of Alburtis and Lower Macungie Township. Our department is a public department, whose members are on a 100% volunteer status.

We are a proud department that loves our community, family, and friends, and we unselfishly serve them 24/7!

Board of Directors

Term expiring 12/31/2019: Jon Kayes
Term expiring 12/31/2020: Andrew Miller
Term expiring 12/31/2021: George Caldarelli
President: Joe Thompson
Fire Chief: Dave Nosal

Administrative Officers

President: Joe Thompson
Vice President: Matt Dahms
Secretary: Glenn Simmons
Assistant Secretary: Matt Dahms
Treasurer: Eric Gopen

Operational Officers

Fire Chief (30-01): Dave Nosal
Deputy Chief (30-02): operations Jim Doherty
Deputy Chief (30-03):staff & equip Ryan Trexler
Assistant Chief (1-02): Alburtis Station  Robert George
Assistant Chief (80-02): Wescosville station Jim VanWert
Assistant Chief (81-02): Brandywine Station Jon Kayes
Alburtis Captain (1-05) RIT Josh Houck
Alburtis Captain (1-06)Training Matt Trexler
Wescosville Captain (80-05): Truck Gabe McNabb
Wescosville Captain (80-06): recruit Nick Wassa
Brandywine Captain (81-05): rescue Dave Haight
Brandywine Captain (81-06): engine Jim Fenstermacher
Fire Marshal (FM30): Brent McNabb
Fire Police Captain (30-09): John Bergstresser
Fire Police Lieutenant (30-10) Steve Miller
Safety Officer (30-08) Glenn Simmons
Safety Officer (1-08) Nan Perna
Forestry Warden Chris Perna

Administrative Positions

Building Maintenance Coordinator – Alburtis: Randy Trexler
Building Maintenance Coordinator – Brandywine: Matt Dahms
Building Maintenance Coordinator – Wescosville: Nick Wassa

Operational Positions

Chief Engineer:  
Engineer  1-21: Eric Gratz
Engineer 1-61: Chris Perna
Engineer  1-41: Randy Trexler
Engineer 80-11: Mike Delre
Engineer 80-41: Larry Lichtenwalner
Engineer 81-12: Matt Dahms
Engineer 81-31: Scott Lichtenwalner
Engineer 81-91/81-92: Eric Gopen
Training Coordinator: Matt Trexler
EMS Coordinator: Andrew Miller
Driver Training Coordinator: Jim VanWert
Public Relations Coordinator: Joe Thompson
Phantom Box Coordinator: Jon Kayes
Santa Run Coordinator: Jon Kayes
SCBA Coordinator: Gabe McNabb
Quartermaster: Josh DeChant

Full Roster

Ahmad, Mahed Alderson, David
Alderson, Hannah Arndt, Gary L.
Balkit, Nikos H Beadling, Charles A
Behie, Matthew P Bergstresser, John R
Bower , Kyle Boyer, Garrett
Carl, Stacey J Christ, Michael S
Dahms, Matthew P Dechant, Joshua D
Doherty, James C Dreibelbies, Kyle A
Dugan, Bryan Fenstermacher, James M
Frizzell, Dale D Garavaglia, Ken P
George, Robert A Gopen, Eric A
Gratz, Eric C. Henry, William
Honer Jr, James G Honer Sr, James G
Houck, Joshua S. Howorth, Anthony E
Hunger, Mitchell M Johnson, Thomas D
Kayes, Jonathan R Kluza, Michal J
Krupa, Matthew Lichtenwalner, Larry
Lichtenwalner, Scott Lindenmuth, Brandon D.
Mahoney, Robert M McNabb, Brent A
McNabb, Gabe J Miller, Andrew
Miller , Mollie Miller, Laura
Miller , Thomas L Miller, Steven
Miller, Bryan Nigro, Scott A
Nosal, David J Palansky, Zachary
Perna, Christopher Perna, Nan G.
Rostocki, Terry Scales, Michelle
Seimes, Anthony M Shaw, Kevin LJ
Simmons, Glenn L Smith Jr., Donald L
Thompson, Joseph M Trexler, Matthew J
Trexler, Randy L. Trexler, Ryan A.
Van Wert, James W Villegas, Juan F
Wassa, Nicholas A Wetherhold, Doug G
Whitlock, Cerise