Bylaws, SOGs, Policies

Listed below are our Bylaws, Standard Operating Guidelines and supporting policies for the Lower Macungie Fire Department. All documents and any updated versions or additions are available at the Wescosville Station.

Near-miss Form

Bylaws (Updated April 26, 2021)

Standard Operating Guidelines (Effective 8-1-2023) 


Training Incentive Policy (Effective 12-28-2019)

Conflict Of Interest Policy (Effective 10-29-2014)

Criminal and Child Abuse History Clearance Policy (Effective 11-18-2015)

Document Retention and Destruction Policy (Effective 3-31-2010)

Drug Free Workplace Policy (Effective 10-29-2014)

Fitness Incentive Program (Effective  1-31-2007)

General and Sexual Harassment Policy (Effective  10-29-2014)

Infection Control Policy (Effective 12-17-2014)

Investment Policy (Effective 9-25-2013)

Purchasing and Financial Practices Policy (Effective 10-29-2014)

Scene Control Policy (Effective 11-19-2007)

Social Media Policy (Effective 10-30-2013)

Whistleblower Policy (Effective 3-31-2010) 

Vehicle Accident/Loss Investigation Report


Firefighter / Fire Police Physical Forms 2022 version