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The Lower Macungie Fire Department proudly protects 35,000 people living in an area of 24 square miles. We operate out of 3 stations that serve the Borough of Alburtis and Lower Macungie Township. Our department is a public department, whose members are on a 100% volunteer status.

We are a proud department that loves our community, family, and friends, and we unselfishly serve them 24/7!

Term expiring 12/31/2023: Andrew Miller
Term expiring 12/31/2024: Scott Lichtenwalner
Term expiring 12/31/2022: Jon Kayes
President: Joe Thompson
Fire Chief: Dave Nosal
President: Joe Thompson
Vice President: Matt Dahms
Secretary: Glenn Simmons
Treasurer: Michelle Scales
Fire Chief (30-01): Dave Nosal
Deputy Chief (30-02): Operations Jim Doherty
Deputy Chief (30-03):Staff & Equip Ryan Trexler
Assistant Chief (1-02): Alburtis Station Robert George
Assistant Chief (80-02): Wescosville station Jim VanWert
Assistant Chief (81-02): Brandywine Station Jim Fenstermacher
Alburtis Captain (1-05) RIT Josh Houck
Alburtis Captain (1-06)Training Matt Trexler
Wescosville Captain (80-05): Truck Eric Gopen
Wescosville Captain (80-06): Recruitment Ken Garavaglia
Brandywine Captain (81-05): Rescue Nick Wassa
Brandywine Captain (81-06): Engine Jon Kayes
Fire Marshal (FM30): Dave Haight
Fire Police Captain (30-09): Steve Miller
Fire Police Lieutenant (30-10) James Honer Sr.
Safety Officer (30-08) Glenn Simmons
Safety Officer (1-08) Nan Perna
Forestry Warden Chris Perna
Building Maintenance Coordinator – Alburtis: Randy Trexler
Building Maintenance Coordinator – Brandywine: Matt Dahms
Building Maintenance Coordinator – Wescosville: Nick Wassa
Santa Run Coordinator: Jon Kayes
Engineer  1-21: Eric Gratz
Engineer 1-61: Chris Perna
Engineer  1-41: Randy Trexler
Engineer 80-11: Mike Delre
Engineer 80-41: Scott  Lichtenwalner
Engineer 81-12: Matt Dahms
Engineer 81-31: Juan Villegas
Engineer 81-91/81-92: Mike Kluza
Training Coordinator: Matt Trexler
EMS Coordinator: Andrew Miller
Driver Training Coordinator: Jim VanWert
Public Relations Coordinator: Joe Thompson
Phantom Box Coordinator: Jon Kayes
SCBA Coordinator:

Full Roster


This roster includes Fire Police, Firefighters,

and Administrative Support Volunteers

Alderson, David Arndt, Gary
Balkit, Nikos
Bergstresser, John
Carl, Stacey
Dahms, Matthew D’Andrea, Jack
Dechant, Joshua DelRe, Michael
Doherty, James
Dugan, Bryan Fenstermacher, James
Gagliardo, John Garavaglia, Ken
George, Robert Gopen, Eric
Gratz, Eric Haight, David
Henry, William Hoffman, Donald
Honer Jr., James Honer Sr, James
Houck, Joshua
Hunger, Mitchell Johnson, Thomas
Kayes, Jonathan
Kluza, Michal Krupa, Matthew
Lichtenwalner, Larry Lichtenwalner, Scott
Lindenmuth, Brandon Mahoney, Robert
McNabb, Gabe
Miller, Andrew Miller, Mollie
Miller, Steven
Nigro, Scott Nosal, David
Palansky, Zachary Perna, Christopher
Perna, Nan Rostocki, Terry
Scales, Michelle Seimes, Anthony
Shaw, Kevin Simmons, Glenn
Smith Jr., Donald Thompson, Joseph
Trexler, Matthew
Trexler, Randy Trexler, Ryan
VanWert, James Villegas, Juan
Wassa, Nicholas Wetherhold, Doug
Whitlock, Cerise